Our Impact

Our Impact We want to change the way we view clothes – from fast consumables to durables

We actually have two reasons to be: The first reason, to be the leading global brand in stays fresh technologies, and the second is by leading a sustainability leap towards less waste through a changed consumer behavior

But let’s start with you! Like anyone else on this planet, you have experienced situations where you noticed your own body odor. And here cultures are remarkably similar all over the industrialized world – Nine out of ten consumers say their self-confidence goes down when they do not feel fresh. These very basic human instincts were our first inspiration when developing Polygiene.

The Polygiene Effect: We now know that people are willing to pay between 20% and 50% more for a Polygiene treated product compared to an untreated one. People simply “get it” and want it.

Young people, and people more interested in fashion, sports and lifestyle are even more positive. Through Polygiene’s ingredient technology brand, you reach the next generation of early adapters and influencers to build your brand.

In real life cases, we see this effect time and time again. For instance:

Case 1. Partner’s sales increased by 13.3% (year over year) with only the addition of Polygiene and the cobranding package.

Case 2. Partner sold Polygiene treated garments online at a return of media investment around 250%, helping make a profit while building both business and recognition.


Wear More. Wash Less

If people skipped every other wash worldwide, the annual greenhouse emissions would be reduced with six times that of Sweden

Our aim is to lead a sustainability leap towards less waste through changed consumer behaviors. We pursue this path by making sure garments and products can be worn more and washed less, making them last longer and in the process, also making better use of the resources we already have.

A fresh product is washed less. That is a major contribution if you want to reduce the environmental footprint during a product’s life cycle.

Consumer use stands for the majority, approximately 2/3, of the environmental footprint of a garment.

We can reduce the environmental impact of a garment or a product, save time and also get an item that lasts longer. We will save water, energy, reduce general pollution and microplastics, if we wash less. In addition, we save CO2 and get less textile waste. In short, the way we care for your garments will make a difference, or as we say it – Wear More. Wash Less.

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Sustainability If everybody does their part of the job, we can turn the climate changes around

We have a strong commitment to comply with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. If everybody does their part of the job, we believe the climate changes can be turned around. We can live up to the goals and be in charge of solving the environmental challenges we face.

Polygiene wants to work in collaboration with suppliers, clients, consumers, authorities and governments with the common ambition to keep the planet in shape by working on all these goals. There is, however, no doubt what Polygiene can do best and how we can contribute to the goals. Primarily, we can directly help companies achieve goal no 12 – Responsible consumption and production.

UN Sustainable Development Goals and Polygiene