KVRA develops jiu-jitsu uniform that stands the test of time

May 18, 2021

Polygiene®, the global leader in branded stays fresh technologies, partners with Brazilian brand KVRA to become the first company in the world to offer jiu-jitsu gis treated with Polygiene® Stays Fresh technology.

The gi, also known as a kimono, is the traditional uniform for jiu-jitsu, a popular martial art in many countries, including Brazil. It is made from a thick fabric, and the wearer tends to sweat heavily when performing. A typical gi can take as long as two days to dry after being in the laundry, leading many users to purchase two or three so they can be wearing one while the other is being washed and dried.

KVRA believes that thanks to Polygiene technology, all this can change, and athletes will be able to use the same gi multiple times, meaning they only need to invest in one and can therefore upgrade to a more premium garment.

Polygiene Stays Fresh technology provides odor control by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria and stops the odor at the source, for the life if the garment. It, therefore, reduces the number of times a product needs to be washed, saving energy, time and money.

KVRA, the market leader in the jiu-jitsu and MMA arena will be launching a focused collection called ASHES OF CREATION with Polygiene that is on the market from the 17th of May. This will be a pilot project and can lead to high annual orders, as well as the potential use of the technology in its other collections of clothes for mixed martial arts (MMA) and CrossFit.

A number of jiu-jitsu athletes have tested the new gis and were highly impressed with the impact of Polygiene technology on the garment.

KVRA, which is currently looking to expand beyond its domestic Brazilian market, has expressed its excitement about working with Polygiene on the new innovation.

Marketing and E-Commerce Coordinator Alexandre Dini who is also an avid jiu-jitsu and CrossFitter shares, “we believe that we have the same main purpose: to offer a new and good experience to our customers, showing them that we can use more for more time. We love to offer unique experiences, so being the first brand to develop the first gi with Polygiene Stays Fresh technology in the whole world will be one of the best experiences for our customers.”

Dini continues, “they can now use the same gi more than once. This will add value to our products, bring new opportunities and help the environment. Once we are bringing a fresh type of gi, which doesn’t need laundering after every use, it means we are being responsible with our planet and looking for new ways to help our customers.”

“Working together with KVRA makes total sense and we are excited to be a part of the movement to extend the life of apparel and enhance the user experience. The combination of KVRA and Polygiene will be a game-changer for those using these gis and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the first-in-the-world launch of this collection and the opportunity this brings to this sport as well as karate, judo and taekwondo going forward”, states Polygiene CEO Ulrika Björk.

For more information on the collection, visit www.kvrastore.com/.
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