Calik Denim features Polygiene ViralOff technology in Spring/Summer 2022 collection

March 15, 2021
Calik Denim, our material partners in Turkey, have launched their new collection of fabrics for Spring/Summer 2022. The new ranges feature several fabrics treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology.

While they were developing their previous collection, for Autumn/Winter 2021/22, the company noticed an enormous demand for products with antimicrobial effects. This led to their decision to add ViralOff® for some of their products in their latest collection.

Calik says that ViralOff® is also a good treatment choice for its products because the technology does not interfere with the natural bacterial flora of the skin.

The move reflects Calik’s constant desire to innovate and meet changing consumer demand. Just like Polygiene, although they are a B2B company, they have a B2C mindset, so they are always looking to help brands meet the wants and needs of today’s consumers.

Calik, which began as the first industrial investment of the Calik Holding, in Malatya, in 1987, is today one of the world’s leading denim fabric manufacturers.

Established with an investment of $111 million, the company has reached a production capacity of 55 million meters per year, with their facilities covering an area of more than 407,000 square meters. Calik employs over 2,700 people and is among Turkey’s 200 biggest exporters.

The company is driven by a passion for developing innovative products that can help transform the lives of consumers as well as the denim industry itself. All of Calik’s new fabrics are developed at its R&D Center.

calik denim collection

Calik is one of the world’s leading denim fabric manufacturers