#PolygienePartner of the month: 8H

May 24, 2021
8H has a clear mission: to ensure that people who use its products enjoy eight hours of comfortable sleep.

Founded in 2014, the company is China’s leading e-commerce mattress and bedding business and has received significant investment from the privately-held firm Xiaomi, one of China’s largest smartphone makers and online business players.

8H develops, manufactures and markets an array of innovative bedding solutions, including smart mattresses, pillows and other products. The company’s brand portfolio includes many of the most highly recognized bedding products in China.

A long-term Polygiene brand partner, 8H has been working with us since 2017. A series of 8H latex mattresses and pillows, as well as selected sofas, bedding sets and quilted mattress pads, have all featured Polygiene technology, keeping bedding fabrics fresh, reducing unnecessary washing and making the products last longer.

Most recently, the company has launched a new flagship mattress designed to provide superior comfort and durability. The product is the result of more than four years of R&D – including 107 samplings and 100,000 fatigue tests. The mattress fabric is treated with Polygiene BioStatic™ Stays Fresh Technology, so it remains fresh and odor-free, delivering a comfy and good night’s sleep.

8H says that working with Polygiene is helping it meet its goals of developing innovative products as well as enhancing customer experiences.

“Our partnership with Polygiene reflects the keen interest that Chinese consumers have in safeguarding their health and well-being,” the company explains. “Polygiene Stays Fresh technology with its antimicrobial properties has gone a long way in helping us achieve our mission and driving our growth.”

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